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Cost effectiveness of installing rooftop solar panels

Lonnie Chrisman 03 Mar 2015 Analytica tips, Energy and environment

If you are new to modeling, it can be very helpful to watch someone build a model from start to finish. I created a model to decide whether it would be cost-effective to install solar panels on the roof of...

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Marginal Abatement

Lonnie Chrisman 25 Jan 2015 Analytica tips, Energy and environment

Analytica models in the energy sector often include a Marginal Abatement graph for CO2 emissions. In this post I explain briefly what a Marginal Abatement graph is and provide steps for creating one of these graphs in Analytica. I have...

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Latin Hypercube vs. Monte Carlo Sampling

Lonnie Chrisman 23 Jul 2014 Analytica tips, Analytics and OR, Risk and uncertainty

In a recent post on Linked In, David Vose argues that the advantages of Latin Hypercube sampling (LHS) over Monte Carlo are so minimal that "LHS does not deserve a place in modern simulation software." [1]  He makes some interesting...

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Announcing Analytica 4.5

Lonnie Chrisman 11 Feb 2014 Analytica tips, News

Lumina Decision Systems has announced the release of Analytica 4.5. One change that is sure to garner lots of attention is the new Analytica Free 101 edition. That's right -- there is now a fully functional edition of Analytica that you can...

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Displaying indexes in balloon help

Lonnie Chrisman 18 Jan 2013 Analytica tips

In a meeting today, Paul Sanford suggested that it would be nice if Analytica would show the indexes of a variable when you hover over its node.  "I know how I can do that right now," I volunteered. I...

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Analytica 4.4.3 Patch Release

Lonnie Chrisman 28 Aug 2012 Analytica tips, News

Today we announce the Analytica and ADE 4.4.3 patch release. The patch has an extensive number of fixes and improvements since the 4.4.2 release. We recommend that all Analytica and ADE 4.4 users install and start using 4.4.3. When you already have an earlier 4.4...

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Reverend Bayes

Rob Brown 06 Aug 2012 Analytica tips, Risk and uncertainty

A trip to Vegas, an evil clown, a bizarre coin, and a minister. What could go wrong? I commented in a footnote of an earlier post that one of my favorite - no, morally obligated - questions to ask when...

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Do Risk Analysts Dream of Electron Microscopes?

Rob Brown 30 Apr 2012 Analytica tips, Risk and uncertainty

From as early as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a scientist.  Indeed, while most kids my age were doing normal, healthy kid things on summer afternoons, like engaging in war games or playing with anatomically...

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Binomial distribution and Mega-Millions Lottery ROI

Lonnie Chrisman 29 Mar 2012 Analytica tips, News, Risk and uncertainty

As of this morning, the Mega-Millions lottery for this week is at a record-setting grand prize level of $540M (when taken in installments) or $389M lump sum payout.   The odds of any given ticket winning is 1 in 175,711,536....

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Percentile Contour Plots

Lonnie Chrisman 14 Mar 2012 Analytica tips

I saw a graph today that I thought was pretty cool and thought I'd share it here.  In his Analytica model, Andrew DeBenedictis of E3 created a depiction energy usage percentiles by time of day in each month...

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