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Analytica 5 Video Short: Operator + used to concatenate text

Lonnie Chrisman 27 Oct 2017 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

This is the second installment in the Analytica 5 Video shorts series -- short (under 5 minutes) videos showcasing an individual topic or feature in Analytica. The series primarily focuses on features that are New in Analytica 5.0.  Since I'm...

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Introducing Analytica 5 Video Shorts: The Toolbar

Lonnie Chrisman 26 Oct 2017 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

Today I kick off a new project that I'm calling Analytica 5 Video Shorts -- short (under 5 minutes) videos showcasing an individual topic or feature in Analytica. The series will primarily focus on features that are new in...

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Using computed cell formatting to create a color map

Kim Mullins 16 Oct 2017 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Case studies and applications

Analytica 5.0 has a long list of new features which you can review on our “What’s new in Analytica 5.0?” page. In the coming weeks, we'll be highlighting some of these changes on this blog and...

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Faster evaluation in Analytica 5.0

Lonnie Chrisman 11 Oct 2017 Analytica 5.0

Since the October 30, 2017 release of Analytica 5.0 is fast approaching, it seemed like a good time to re-run the benchmark timing tests from my earlier blog posting, "Faster evaluation in Analytica 4.6", to see how the upcoming release compares. Speed enhancements can...

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Is Analytica what Microsoft says will be the future of programming?

Max Henrion 02 Mar 2017

Norm Judah, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Services, recently talked about the future of programming: “When someone thinks of business solutions they will be programming in models. They will still be coding but it wouldn't be the way...

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Marginal Abatement part 2 - adding a dimension

Lonnie Chrisman 18 Feb 2016

In my earlier blog article, Marginal Abatement, I explained what a Marginal Abatement graph is and how to set up such a graph in Analytica. In this article, I'm going to generalize that model to array-abstract over additional dimensions,...

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Analytica and Decision Analysis

Hayk Antonyn 02 Feb 2016

I absolutely admire Analytica as a tool/software and find it a work of art, really. I admire the people who created it. I discovered Analytica in 2013 on an INFORMS web directory of OR/MS solution vendors and consultants. Using...

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Apples to Oranges to Chinese Gooseberries: Pledges for the Paris climate talks

Max Henrion 01 Oct 2015 Energy and environment, News

October 1, 2015 was the UN's deadline to receive national pledges for the UN Climate Change Treaty to be negotiated in Paris this December. At the end of February, the UN received the first submission — Switzerland's proposal to reduce...

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Faster evaluation in Analytica 4.6

Lonnie Chrisman 26 May 2015 News

As we celebrate the release of Analytica 4.6 this week, I thought I would share the results of some benchmark timings that I carried out to test how the evaluation speed in 4.6 compares with the previous two Analytica releases. As...

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Analytica 4.6 beta available

Lonnie Chrisman 17 Mar 2015 News

The first beta release of Analytica 4.6 and ADE is now available. This kicks off the beta testing cycle for this next release of Analytica and ADE. To see a list of new enhancements, visit What’s New in Analytica 4.6? ...

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