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From software updates to conference announcements, stop by Lumina's News and Events center to stay up-to-date on our company's product offerings and news highlights.

Analytica 4.4.3 now available

The Anaytica and ADE 4.4.3 patch release is now available.  This patch release includes an extensive number of fixes and improvements since the previous 4.4.2 release.  You can take advantage of faster model load times, greater robustness to file system errors, improved stability, and better support for enlarged attribute and table font size, to name but a few.  A lengthy list of fixes is on the Analytica Wiki at Build 4.4.3 Release Notes

If you are already using Analytica 4.4 and have an internet connection, the software will automatically download the patch within a few days and ask you if you would like install it.  You can also obtain the installer from the download page (if you are using Analytica 64-bit, be sure to click the 64-bit link from there).  The patch is free if you have active support or have a valid 4.4 license.

Max Henrion elected to Board of Society of Decision Professionals

Lumina's CEO, Max Henrion, was elected as a member of the Board of the Society of Decision Professionals.  SDP is a professional society founded to advance the visibility, reputation, and capabilities of decision professionals. Dr Henrion is a charter Fellow of SDP (see Press Release).

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Lumina sponsors Predictive Analytics World

Lumina will be sponsoring the Predictive Analytics World conference in Chicago, IL on June 25-26, 2012. Predictive Analytics World is the business-focused event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners.

Lumina at INFORMS Analytics 2012

Please come and meet us in person at the INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research at the Hyatt Regency Resort &Spa in Huntington Beach, CA between Sunday April 15th and Tuesday April 17th, 2012.

Attend one of our workshops for special discounts on Analytica. Workshop attendees who are new to Analytica will receive a free trial of our Optimizer software and a 20% discount on any future purchase of Analytica.

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PBS Newshour picks up Lonnie Chrisman’s blogpost on the Mega Millions lottery

March 30, 2012

Lonnie Chrisman, Lumina's CTO, today posted an entry about the Mega Millions lottery record prize of $540 million on Lumina's blog. He used Analytica to calculate whether it's worth buying a ticket. Paul Solmon of PBS Newshours Business Desk borrowed a long quote from Lonnie's blog to help explain the situation to his readers at PBS Newshour Business Desk.

Max Henrion presented the “Future of the Automobile” to the Society of Decision Professionals

March 21, 2012

Max Henrion, Lumina's CEO, gave an invited talk on Exploratory decision analysis and surprises: The future of the automobile to the Society of Decision Professionals, of which Dr. Henrion is  a Fellow. This webinar was part of SDP's learning exchange.

Biofuels, new battery technologies, and hydrogen fuel cells are just a few of the technologies promising to reduce oil imports and CO2 emissions from the US vehicle fleet. Given the large uncertainties, evolving consumer preferences, and the long timescale for fleet turnover, how can we develop coherent policies, including "push" -- supporting R&D -- or "pull" -- efficiency standards, carbon taxes, and other incentives? How can we prepare for inevitable surprises in markets, fuel prices, and technical breakthroughs or disappointments?  

A PDF and video of Max's talk are available at Decision Professional's news site.

Analytica 4.4 now available

Analytica 4.4 is now available to everyone with current support. Analytica 4.4 offers a wide range of new features and fixes: Expression Assist helps you write definitions by suggesting variable names that match what you’ve typed so far, offers help on functions, suggests indexes for arrays, and more to help you learn Analytica faster and advanced modellers become much more productive. Publish to Cloud lets you share your models through the Analytica Cloud Player using a simple selection from the File menu. For details on the release, see What's New in Analytica 4.4.  If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact Customer Service at 650-212-1212 extension 2 or

Lumina presenting at Winter Simulation Conference

Attend the Winter Simulation Conference on Dec. 11-14, 2011 and hear Lumina's Senior Consultant, Xirong Jiang, speak on Expert Modeling for a Sustainable World with AnalyticaThe presentation will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 13th from 1:30-300pm.

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Charlotte Transformation

Lumina at INFORMS Annual Meeting

Lumina will be attending The INFORMS Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC. For information on recieving a complimentary pass to the INFROMS 2011 exhibit hall.

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In this webinar, you will build valuable insight and skills for applying Analytica to issues of energy and environment modeling.