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Analytica Affiliates

If you are looking for help in using Analytica, these affiliated consultants offer special expertise in the use of Analytica to create effective decision tools. Lumina has selected these firms on the basis of their outstanding skills in decision analysis and decision-oriented modeling, and knowledge of Analytica and other tools. They have experience in applications in a wide variety of areas, including the environment, oil and gas, earth sciences, telecommunications, e-commerce, health, and pharmaceutical.

Lumina will be glad to help you select an affiliate to suit your needs. Our recommendations will be based on the type of assistance you want, expertise in application area and methodology, geographical region, and preferred language. Please call us at 650-212-1212 or email us.

Veritas Economic Consulting supports the informed decision-making of clients in the areas of public policy evaluation, resource management and allocation, strategic choice, and environmental quality. Analytica is a key tool that complements the expertise of Veritas in microeconomic modeling and in decision theory and related methods.

Key features of Analytica that are especially valuable for Veritas clients and projects are the: diagrammatic model structure which promotes transparency and understanding of analytical structures; ease with which user-friendly interfaces can be incorporated; capability to quickly change model dimensionality; and the ability to incorporate uncertainty in the model parameter values and determine the implications of this uncertainty for problems of public and private sector choice. 

Location: Cary, North Carolina
Languages: English

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