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Analytica 5 Video Short: Operator + used to concatenate text

This is the second installment in the Analytica 5 Video shorts series — short (under 5 minutes) videos showcasing an individual topic or feature in Analytica. The series primarily focuses on features that are New in Analytica 5.0

Since I’m putting this one out there a few hours before the 5.0 release is official, I thought it fitting to cover an error message that you might encounter right away, when you load your legacy model you created in 4.6 into 5.0. As the video shows, it is easy to deal with, so this is a “don’t panic” message. Overall, you should be pretty confident in 5.0’s backward compatibility (the ability of 5.0 to run 4.6 models), which is extremely high. In a survey of 5.0 users (look for that blog post within a few days), 100% of the responders stated that they encountered no problems running their 4.6 models in Analytica 5.0. Nevertheless, I have seen this particular error appear in several cases, and hence decided to show you what to do in a quick 5 minute video. 

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