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Questions and Answers with our 5.0 Beta Testers

During our beta testing period, we were fortunate enough to have a great group of beta testers. At the end of the beta test, they answered a few questions about Analytica 5.0 given their early experiences. Here’s what they said: 

I echo the enthusiasm of the first response on the augmented Find functionality. As suggested by my previous blog post, I am also partial to the new cell formatting options.

We were interested to understand both how often new features were being used, and whether or not our beta testers had occasion to use some of the features we’d anticipated being most important for Analytica users. If you want to learn more about these features, please visit What’s New in Anaytica 5.0? or click the vertical axis entry to find a link directly to a discussion of that feature.

In designing our survey, we also wanted to make sure to get an understanding of our beta testers’ experience with Analytica and 5.0 beta. Most ended up using 5.0 beta over 4.6. I was surprised that most testers described themselves as ‘Moderate’, given how long many of them have been using Analytica. My hypothesis is that our beta testers are as modest as they are generous with their time.

As you start to use Analytica 5.0, we’d love to hear what new features you’re taking advantage of! Please let us know in the comments, or, via one of our social media channels linked below.

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