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Analytica Editions for Model Builders Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Analytica Professional
The standard version of Analytica, with full model creation functions.  
$995 $0
Analytica Enterprise
Supports ODBC database access, Huge Arrays, Protection, Time Profiling and more.  
$2,795 $0
Analytica Optimizer
The Optimizer Edition includes a powerful, general purpose solver and optimizer for linear, mixed integer and nonlinear programs.  
$4,995 $0
Analytica Editions for End Users Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Analytica Power Player
For distributing applications created in Analytica Enterprise to end users.  
$995 $0
Analytica Power Player with Optimizer
For distributing applications created in Analytica Optimizer to end users.  
$1,995 $0
Analytica Decision Engine  (ADE)
ADE lets you run models on a server, and access them via the Web. Requires Enterprise to build models.  
$12,000 $0
Analytica Decision Engine with Optimizer
ADE with Optimizer Requires Analytica Optimizer.  
$16,000 $0
Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Group Account
Buy an Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Group Account, or add months to an existing Group Account. Buy 12 months at once to get a $1000 discount.
Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Session Credit
Add Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) session credits to your ACP account.
Analytica  Training Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Analytica Training
Two-day Analytica Training Please specify your preferred dates and location later.
$1,595 $0
Analytica Quickstart
A 4 hour Quickstart package of consulting support conducted via email, telephone, and web conference. Valid for use at any time during the 12 months following purchase. $200 discount applies when bought along with a copy of software.
$800 $0
Total: US $0