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The great minds behind Analytica have put together an illustrious set of tools for users to become superstar modelers in no time, making more educated and logical decisions. All the support and information you could need is included below, enjoy!

User guides

These guides will help you learn how to use Analytica. You will find tutorials, libraries, and specifics on how to implement and understand different features.

Community forum

Looking for answers to all of your Analytica questions? Check out our user forum. You can ask and answer questions, share tips and models, or request enhancements to Analytica.


Clients are often praising our knowledgeable, timely and reliable support team. Get troubleshooting tips and details on how to submit a ticket with us.

Manual activation

Do you have a strict firewall or proxy server? No worries, you can manually activate and upgrade your subscriptions with ease.

Renew & upgrade

Get more details on how to renew your subscription, advance to a more robust edition of Analytica or learn about the latest releases.