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Case studies

Analytica is used for a variety of applications across many industries, in public and private sectors, universities and other research organizations. Select additional industry, methodologies or application areas relevant to your interests, to see case studies with practical examples of how Analytica is being used.
For more, click through to see a selection of published papers that highlight work that has been done with Analytica.

Application areas

Energy & power

The future of the energy industry is rapidly changing with new technologies to conserve resources. Analytica is helping stakeholders play an important role in e

Environment & climate

It is extremely important for us to understand our environment, how human activities may affect it, and how we can reduce the damage. Environmental problems are

Water & ocean resources

With climate change affecting our natural resources, how we handle water and ocean resources has become more important than ever. Analytica is being used by lea

Business & finance

Find models that represent the various aspects of a business, such as its operations, marketing, and sales. Financial modeling involves using historical financi

Health & pharmaceuticals

Whether you are a public health analyst interested in modeling the health impacts and risks of meat and poultry products or a pharmaceutical company looking to

Transportation & manufacturing

Several companies in the manufacturing and transportation industries prefer using Analytica for quantitative modeling. Key benefits are visual represented in mo

Academic research

Analytica is used for teaching and research in many leading universities across the world. Professors find it an ideal tool for students to learn the science an

Projects by consulting firms

Consulting firms and their clients love using Analytica. It is being used for variety of applications across many industries, government organizations, academia

Tools & methods

Risk & uncertainty

From its inception, Analytica was designed to analyze risk and uncertainty — unlike spreadsheet applications which require special add-ins. Analytica’s ful

Optimization & solvers

Complex problems may involve a large number of decisions with interacting effects. Optimization tools help automate the search for decision strategies that maxi

Portfolio management

Many business challenges involve selecting a portfolio of projects or investments. Examples include selecting investments, research and development projects, or

Data mining, statistics, & AI

Analytica provides built-in functions for data exploration and analysis, including quick summaries, descriptive statistics, regression, and Monte Carlo simulati

Scripting languages, Python & R

People building quantitative models typically find it much faster to build them in Analytica than in scripting and programming languages like Python, R, C++, Ju

Spreadsheet conversions

Discover why many are switching from Excel and spreadsheets to Analytica! Analytica offers a graphical interface that facilitates clearer collaboration with va

Open-source models

Decision models can play a crucial role in helping stakeholders figure out what they agree about and what they don’t. Open-source models are available to anyo