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Category: Case studies

Analytica is used for a variety of applications across many industries, in public and private sectors, universities and other research organizations. Select additional industry, methodologies or application areas relevant to your interests, to see case studies with practical examples of how Analytica is being used. For more, click through to see a selection of published papers that highlight work that has been done with Analytica.

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06/12/2024 | Academic research, Case studies, Decision analysis & multi-criteria, Energy & power, Environment & climate, Risk & uncertainty

Social influences in modeling energy decarbonization

Discover how blending social dynamics with energy models revolutionizes climate policy, offering sustainable, culturally-informed solutions.


04/25/2024 | Case studies, Energy & power, Environment & climate, Lumina consulting projects, Optimization & solvers, Transportation & manufacturing

EV charging: win-win for utilities & ratepayers?

Will rapid adoption of electric vehicles stress the electric grid? Learn about a utility model that could reduce rates and increase utility earnings.


03/20/2024 | Academic research, Case studies, Energy & power, Environment & climate, Newsworthy, Risk & uncertainty

US gas leaks much larger than previously estimated

A new Stanford-led study on natural gas leak rates from oil and gas activity across a large fraction of the US are about 3x more than previous government estimates. The…


07/11/2023 | Analytica in the cloud, Business & finance, Case studies, Energy & power, Environment & climate, Portfolio management, Projects by consulting firms

Managing a portfolio of ESG projects

Investors increasingly care about ESG criteria in combination with firms’ financial returns. Learn about Bicore’s new sustainable portfolio management solution.


06/16/2023 | Business & finance, Case studies, Lumina consulting projects

Helping consumers online choose a credit card

An intelligent consumer and small business advisor – helping hundreds of thousands of customers choose the VISA credit and debit cards that best suit their needs.


06/16/2023 | Case studies, Portfolio management, Risk & uncertainty, Transportation & manufacturing

Exploring the future of the automobile

Can alternative technologies such as biofuels, natural gas, electric vehicles, or hydrogen fuel cells reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on oil?


06/16/2023 | Business & finance, Case studies, Portfolio management, Spreadsheet conversions, Transportation & manufacturing

Auto maker saves $250M on warranty costs

A major US auto maker used Analytica to identify drivers to skyrocketing costs to service warranties, resulting in major savings.


06/16/2023 | Business & finance, Case studies, Lumina consulting projects, Portfolio management, Transportation & manufacturing

Evaluating R&D at W.L.Gore

W.L. Gore & Associates, developer of GORE-TEX® fabrics, use Analytica to assess the technical and market risks and revenues of their portfolio of R&D projects.