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Watch past webinars that share examples of how others are using Analytica to further their work. You can see models of all shapes and sizes, spanning various industries and needs. You will also find webinars from top decision makers showcasing modeling and decision analysis best practices.

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Accelerating decision modeling with Analytica

Celebrate the incredible strides made in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) while also assessing the risks, in the dawn of this new era.


The value of knowing how little you know

Understand the Expected Value of Including Uncertainty (EVIU), compare with the Expected Value of Perfect Information (EVPI), and the insights it gives into a variety of problems.


Making jet fuel from the sun & wind

Learn more on how Evan Sherwin employed an optimization-based techno-economic analysis, implemented in Analytica, to assess the prospects for large cost reductions.


Analysis for finance & decision professionals

Watch Dan Zoppo's webinar on the powerful Least Squares Monte Carlo method for real options problems that can add value to a businesses.


Green accountability & incentives

Join Robert Brown's webinar as he reflects on the social and economic cost of CO2 in new capital projects using Analytica.


Decision making when there is little historic precedent

Learn how to make decisions and strategic plans in uncertain situations, where historical data is not available. See how to model this in Analytica with clarity and insight.


Heat Pumps 101: heat and cool your home while saving energy and reducing emissions!

Heat and cool your home while saving energy and reducing emissions by adopting heat pump technology. Learn more.


How to use Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) to its full potential

How to use Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) to its full potential with our CEO Max Henrion.


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