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Renew, upgrade, or download Analytica

To renew your subscription

Normally users renew their Analytica subscriptions annually. A subscription includes technical support and free upgrades to new releases. You can renew Analytica desktop editions, Professional, Enterprise, or Optimizer, and ACP Group plans, online from here:

If you use ACP server license, ADE, or have other questions, please email or call us.

After buying or renewing a subscription, you should receive an email with an activation code. If you can’t find it, ask your software purchaser, or contact us. You can download the installer and run Free edition to get started, until you receive your confirmation email.

To upgrade your subscription

If you want to upgrade to a higher edition — say from Professional to Enterprise, or Enterprise to Optimizer — please email or call us. We will give you credit for your existing subscription.

If you have a (old) permanent Analytica license, here is how it works.

To download the latest release

  • To learn about the new features, see What’s new in the latest release.  

Normally after each new release, users of Analytica desktop get a prompt when they next run the software to install the update. If you didn’t see the prompt, you can download the latest release here:

To download Analytica Decision Engine (ADE)

For the latest release of Analytica Decision Engine (ADE), click the button below.

You should run the ADE installer from a Windows admin account.

To upgrade a floating license with RLM

If you have a floating license or your organization manages licenses with the Reprise License Manager (RLM), you will need the name of the server computer with RLM. Contact your IT or software license administrator.

Old releases

If you need to reinstall an older release of Analytica or ADE, you can download its installer and PDF manuals from the archived downloads.

See also

Buy or renew

You can purchase online, through [email protected] or by calling (650) 212- 1212.

User guides

These guides will help you learn how to use Analytica. You will find tutorials, libraries, and specifics on how to implement and understand different features.

Corporate licensing

Learn about managing multiple Analytica licenses.


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