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How to upgrade your permanent license?

If you already have a subscription to Analytica, you can automatically upgrade to the latest release of Analytica for free, more information here.

Permanent license with active support

  • A permanent Analytica license does not normally entitle you to free major upgrades like 6.3. But, if you are currently paying for support, you can get an upgrade if you convert your license to a subscription. The subscription will replace your current support and last for the same length of time.
  • To upgrade your release version and retain your permanent license: if you are currently paying for support, you will need to pay the standard price for a new license plus your support.

We plan to make major releases annually. If you want access to our major releases that address bugs and adds new features and functionalities, it would be more economical for you to convert to a subscription as this includes free upgrades and support.

Permanent license with expired support

If you have a permanent license with expired support, you may buy a new subscription to Analytica at the standard price of a new license. Permanent license are no longer sold. 

Please contact us for more information or to get an upgrade at [email protected] or at (650) 212-1212.