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Find models that represent the various aspects of a business, such as its operations, marketing, and sales. Financial modeling involves using historical financial data and other relevant information to create projections of future financial performance, such as revenue, expenses, profits, and cash flow.

These analyses can help you plan for the future, make investment decisions, evaluate the impact of different business scenarios, understand how different factors affect overall performance, and identify areas where you can improve efficiency and profitability for yourself or your organization.

Managing a portfolio of ESG projects

For Decision Strategies, Inc., the recommendation is clear: ‘Executives who are hesitant about using decision support systems should consider Analytica.’ Pointing executives...


Making jet fuel from the sun & wind

Learn more on how Evan Sherwin employed an optimization-based techno-economic analysis, implemented in Analytica, to assess the prospects for large cost reductions.


Analysis for finance & decision professionals

Watch Dan Zoppo's webinar on the powerful Least Squares Monte Carlo method for real options problems that can add value to a businesses.


Green accountability & incentives

Join Robert Brown's webinar as he reflects on the social and economic cost of CO2 in new capital projects using Analytica.


Using Analytica to model farm financial risk

Analytica provides the perfect platform for Agricultural Economists to explore the tradeoff between risk and profit at the farm level.


How utilities are reducing risks & saving money

Learn about the Risk Spend Efficiency (RSE) framework, how California utilities have been using it, and RSE within ANAGRAM (Analytica for Natural Gas Risk Analysis and Management).


Helping consumers online choose a credit card

An intelligent consumer and small business advisor – helping hundreds of thousands of customers choose the VISA credit and debit cards that best suit their needs.


Auto maker saves $250M on warranty costs

A major US auto maker used Analytica to identify drivers to skyrocketing costs to service warranties, resulting in major savings.


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