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Lumina has created a suite of decision-support applications spanning a range of industries. You can achieve significant cost and time savings by adapting these existing tools to meet your needs. Clients can license these tools for in-house use or rely on Lumina to perform analyses for you. Either way, the tools will be customized to your unique objectives. 

Here are a couple of our current application offerings. 

  • Heat pump calculator
  • Analytica for natural gas risk analysis and management

Please contact our consulting team at [email protected] for questions or additional information. 

The heat pump calculator

An important way to reduce greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions is to electrify heating in buildings—i.e. to switch from gas, and other fossil fuels, to electricity for water and space heating. Electrification reduces ghg emissions as ever more electricity comes from low-carbon sources. Electric heat pumps offer great efficiency for heating, but their benefits are little understood by most homeowners and building managers. 

To help accelerate adoption of heat pumps, Lumina has built an online calculator to quantify the effects of switching from gas or propane-fueled heating to heat pumps. It estimates the change in gas and electricity use and costs, and the reduction in ghg emissions for different building types, climates, and HVAC equipment. The heat pump calculator is being used by California and Colorado utilities as part of its customer education and electrification program. Lumina is now offering the tool for other utilities and regions in North America. Want to repurpose this application for your needs?

See the calculator in action with more updated info at

Learn more about the original heat pump calculator that was created for a California utility at the link below. 


Analytica for natural gas risk analysis and management (ANAGRAM) 

Gas pipelines in North America are aging. Gas utilities must make large investments to maintain pipeline safety and reliability. How should they prioritize projects to mitigate the risk of leaks and explosions? ANAGRAM (Analytica for natural gas risk analysis and management) assists utilities in making these decisions. It uses Risk-Spend Efficiency (RSE) as a metric to identify which mitigations reduce the most risk per dollar invested. RSE is part of the risk-decision framework that the California Public Utility Commission requires California gas and electric utilities to use. Want to repurpose this application for your needs? 


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