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Decision analysis & multi-criteria

Decision analysis is a set of methods to help people and organizations address challenging decisions more effectively than using simple intuition. It provides tools like decision trees and influence diagrams to help structure problems, multiattribute (multicriteria) methods to handle problems with several often conflicting objectives, quantifying attitudes towards risk, and ways of treating uncertainty using probability distributions.

Social influences in modeling energy decarbonization

Discover how blending social dynamics with energy models revolutionizes climate policy, offering sustainable, culturally-informed solutions.


Accelerating decision modeling with Analytica

Analytica helps consultants quickly build decision-support models, boosting productivity and client satisfaction, as detailed by CEO Max Henrion in this webinar.


The value of knowing how little you know

Understand the Expected Value of Including Uncertainty (EVIU), compare with the Expected Value of Perfect Information (EVPI), and the insights it gives into a variety of problems.


Decision making when there is little historic precedent

Learn how to make decisions and strategic plans in uncertain situations, where historical data is not available. See how to model this in Analytica with clarity and insight.


Rehab for a river ecosystem

Rivers tamed by artificial channels, dikes, and levees to reduce flooding, often damage habitats. Researchers created IRRM to find the best way to rehabilitate river ecosystems.


Do Inuit hunters threaten whale populations?

Population variance, whale fertility and mortality in the absence of hunting are considered in this Analytica model to evaluate the risk to whale populations.


Can California afford its ambitious climate policies?

The State of California uses the PATHWAYS Analytica model to show that it can reach its ambitious target of 50% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 at reasonable cost.


Helping DOE decide which R&D projects to fund

See how the prioritization of technologies and projects are managed based on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the US.


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Decision analysis & multi-criteria clients