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Portfolio management

Many business challenges involve selecting a portfolio of projects or investments. Examples include selecting investments, research and development projects, or tools to mitigate financial, operational, or cyber risks. Here are a range of case studies and examples applying Analytica to optimize and manage portfolios.

Managing a portfolio of ESG projects

Investors increasingly care about ESG criteria in combination with firms’ financial returns. Learn about Bicore's new sustainable portfolio management solution.


Analysis for finance & decision professionals

Watch Dan Zoppo's webinar on the powerful Least Squares Monte Carlo method for real options problems that can add value to a businesses.


Green accountability & incentives

Join Robert Brown's webinar as he reflects on the social and economic cost of CO2 in new capital projects using Analytica.


Decision making when there is little historic precedent

Learn how to make decisions and strategic plans in uncertain situations, where historical data is not available. See how to model this in Analytica with clarity and insight.


How utilities are reducing risks & saving money

Learn about the Risk Spend Efficiency (RSE) framework, how California utilities have been using it, and RSE within ANAGRAM (Analytica for Natural Gas Risk Analysis and Management).


Quantifying methane emissions

Aerial surveys found that a small number of high-impact super-emitting events are responsible for most methane emissions, which were significantly higher than previously estimated.


Navigating the heat pump landscape

Fort Collins, Lumina, and Apex Analytics have created a tool to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing building electrification programs.


Exploring the future of the automobile

Can alternative technologies such as biofuels, natural gas, electric vehicles, or hydrogen fuel cells reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on oil?


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