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Spreadsheet conversions

Discover why many are switching from Excel and spreadsheets to Analytica!

Analytica offers a graphical interface that facilitates clearer collaboration with variying levels of stakeholders. You can build models logically the way you in think in a fraction of the time, with less errors and more transparency than spreadsheets.

Here you can explore models and examples from Analytica clients who have made the switch. Learn how you can seamlessly transition from spreadsheets to Analytica by clicking through the links below.

Accelerating decision modeling with Analytica

Celebrate the incredible strides made in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) while also assessing the risks, in the dawn of this new era.


Auto maker saves $250M on warranty costs

A major US auto maker used Analytica to identify drivers to skyrocketing costs to service warranties, resulting in major savings.


Do inuit hunters threaten whale populations?

Population variance, whale fertility and mortality in the absence of hunting are considered in this Analytica model to evaluate the risk to whale populations.


Optimizing pricing for natural gas distribution

BG Group developed an Analytica model to optimize pricing for natural gas. Leading gas distributors in Brazil and India are now using the tool.


Bechtel SAIC and the Yucca mountain project

Analytica was selected to evaluate life-cycle costs for the proposed radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain, NV, after comparing it with 12 other software tools.


Corporate sustainable energy purchasing plans

Most large organizations try to procure electricity from renewable sources to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. See how some are weighing their options.


Savings from shifting electricity load to off-peak

This open-source Analytica tool evaluates the cost-effectiveness of load-shifting technologies, including batteries and thermal cooling.


The future of electricity in the US Pacific Northwest

See how the region plans to meet its aggressive carbon emission targets while ensuring that utilities can provide economic and reliable power.


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