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Lumina consulting projects

Lumina’s consulting team helps organizations build and use effective decision tools. We can help you get started, converting legacy spreadsheets into Analytica and coaching your analysts. Or we can build a custom analytics application for you directly. Below are a few case studies of tools we have built for our customers, many of these focus on energy and environmental issues.

EV charging: win-win for utilities & ratepayers?

Will rapid adoption of electric vehicles stress the electric grid? Learn about a utility model that could reduce rates and increase utility earnings.


Heat pumps & hybrid systems in cold climates

A study found that hybrid systems combining heat pumps with furnaces are more economical than using heat pumps alone in colder climates.


Heat pumps 101

Heat and cool your home while saving energy and reducing emissions by adopting heat pump technology. Learn more about this transition and heat pumps by watching this webinar.


How the heat pump calculator was built

Walk through our heat pump calculator model and what decisions were made in its creation.


Helping consumers online choose a credit card

An intelligent consumer and small business advisor – helping hundreds of thousands of customers choose the VISA credit and debit cards that best suit their needs.


Evaluating R&D at W.L.Gore

W.L. Gore & Associates, developer of GORE-TEX® fabrics, use Analytica to assess the technical and market risks and revenues of their portfolio of R&D projects.


Reducing time and cost for NASA space shuttle mission

NASA applied Analytica’s risk-analysis features to help ground-operations reduce the time and cost to ready the space shuttle for the next mission.


Analytica climate action model: city of Santa Cruz (ACAM-SC)

The City of Santa Cruz and Lumina developed a pilot analysis process to analyzing municipality level data and greenhouse gas reduction programs.


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