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Projects by consulting firms

Consulting firms and their clients love using Analytica. It is being used for variety of applications across many industries, government organizations, academia and more. Analytica provides analysts, consultants and engineers with a tool to build models faster, with less errors and gives them the ability to clearly explain and show the logic behind insights and results. See a few examples below.

Accelerating decision modeling with Analytica

Analytica helps consultants quickly build decision-support models, boosting productivity and client satisfaction, as detailed by CEO Max Henrion in this webinar.


Managing a portfolio of ESG projects

Investors increasingly care about ESG criteria in combination with firms’ financial returns. Learn about Bicore's new sustainable portfolio management solution.


CITL finds $44 billion in healthcare savings

Computerized order entry software in US health clinics could avoid 2 million adverse drug reactions and reduce costs by $44 billion per year.


What is “green”? How does a buyer know?

Analytica helps organizations compare the environmental costs of the products they need, so they can consider the environmental footprint of their buying decisions.


Assessing the Clean Air Act

How effective was the Clean Air Act at improving air quality and reducing acid rain? The NAPAP developed an integrated environmental assessment model to help answer such questions.


Can California afford its ambitious climate policies?

The State of California uses the PATHWAYS Analytica model to show that it can reach its ambitious target of 50% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 at reasonable cost.

More… a hub for energy numbers

An open, online platform for exploring and sharing of key data on performance and costs of energy technologies.


A campus micro-grid with CHP

Is adding more photovoltaics to UCSD’s microgrid technically feasible and cost-effective? E3 Consulting created a dispatch optimization tool to evaluate this question.


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Projects by consulting firms clients