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Analytica subscriptions are set up for 12 months. Use the table below to purchase a new subscription or renew your subscription.

  • All subscriptions receive rapid-response technical support and access to major and minor releases, as they become available.
  • Compare editions to see the features within each option.
  • You can always upgrade to a higher edition – e.g. from professional to enterprise, just contact us for assistance

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Product title Description Options Price Quantity Action
The standard version of Analytica, with full model creation functions. Subscriptions last 12 months.
    Supports ODBC database access, huge arrays, protection, time profiling and more. Subscriptions last 12 months.
      The Optimizer Edition includes a powerful, general purpose solver and optimizer for linear, mixed integer and nonlinear programs. Subscriptions last 12 months.
        Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) Basic Group Plan subscription for 12 months.