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Analytica has been the cornerstone for projects of all shapes and sizes. Analytica is a universally loved software for decision making that has helped solve complex problems and provides direction for many organizations across the globe. Watch our webinar series, read a few case studies, and get to know the core technology that has made Analytica so popular in the decision analysis community. See how Analytica is helping improve the world we live in.

Decision technologies

Learn more about the revolutionary technologies that make Analytica so fun and easy to use. See what is under our hood!

Areas of use

Analytica's application areas are diverse and far-reaching, each with unique challenges and needs.

Tools & methods

Discover the various tools and methods that are available to you in Analytica through our various case studies, blogs, webinars and video tutorials and more.

Case studies

From energy and water resources to pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and education – Analytica has endless uses for any industry. See how others have utilized Analytica.


Find sample models and how they can be applied to different use cases. Join our team as we share insights and concepts that are shaping decision making.


Get to know the Lumina team and our clients through insightful examples of how Analytica can be used.


Watch and learn! Analytica videos cover a range of topics. You’ll be building your first model in no time.