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Introduction videos to Analytica

The best place to get started is with Analytica tutorials, covering the core material that you’ll need. You can also follow along as our CTO Lonnie Chrisman walks through building a model. Watch the videos below and learn about what makes Analytica so valuable through the use of influence diagrams, intelligent arrays and how to link your Excel data.

For more, see how others are using Analytica in our webinar series or case study examples.

Introduction tutorials

To build your own models please reference our written Analytica tutorials chapters 4 through 9. Let’s look at a model that has already been built.

In this series:

  • Chapter 1: Open a model to browse (8 minutes)
    Learn how to open an existing model, calculate results, change inputs and display uncertainty.
  • Chapter 2: Exploring a model (8 1/2 minutes)
    Learn how to examine influence diagrams, variables, attributes, definitions and results — the basic techniques for exploring any Analytica model.
  • Chapter 3: Analyzing a model (6 minutes)
    Learn sensitivity analysis methods, including importance, parametric analysis and comparing decision alternatives. You’ll get your first taste of intelligent arrays.

Analytica shows the value of going solar

This video shows how to build a useful model from start to finish. Lonnie Chrisman, Lumina’s CTO, evaluates the cost-effectiveness of installing solar panels on his roof. (39 minutes)

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Key features

These videos show key features — the reasons people use Analytica.

See also

Check out our collection of videos higlighting new features, tutorials, webinars and so much more. Analytica is a visual modeling tool, so videos offer the most natural way to s...

User guides

These guides will help you learn how to use Analytica. You will find tutorials, libraries, and specifics on how to implement and understand different features.

Community forum

Looking for answers to all of your Analytica questions? Check out our user forum. You can ask and answer questions, share tips and models, or request enhancements to Analytica.


Watch our webinar series, read a few case studies and get to know the core technology that has made Analytica so popular in the decision analysis community.