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Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP)

Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) lets you:

  • Publish models directly to ACP from your desktop, and invite collaborators to view models from their web browser.
  • Explore influence diagrams, change inputs, view result tables and graphs, and save your changes to revisit later.
  • Tailor your user interface to the needs of end users beyond the standard Analytica options, like adding a tab-based navigation, see specifics on how to make these updates in the video below.

ACP for individuals

Everyone has access to ACP! Even free edition users get up to 25 sessions. If you own an Analytica license with current support, you will receive an additional 25 sessions credits each month for use in that month.

An ACP Individual Account is free. Upload models to your private directory and invite others to view your models by sending an email invitation. When they receive the invitation, they can view your model by simply using their browser. There is no need for them to install Analytica software.

To purchase additional sessions, click here.

ACP for groups

Work collaboratively with multiple users to develop models. Assign each user a role to optimize your workflow:

  • Reviewers can open and run models, as well as save snapshots with changed inputs for reuse in future sessions.
  • Authors can upload models into the project and modify them.
  • Managers can add new users and define their roles.
  • A session is defined as every time you run or launch a model.

The basic group plan includes:

  • 500 sessions/month
  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 50MB files
  • 8 GB maximum memory per session

The premium group plan includes:

  • 1,200 sessions/month
  • Up to 12 users
  • Up to 100MB files
  • 8 GB maximum memory per session

ACP server license

If you want to run large models for many users, you can license ACP to install on your own dedicated server — typically a cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Some organizations with sensitive and proprietary data or algorithms prefer to host ACP on their own servers. You can configure your dedicated server to handle a much larger number of simultaneous users, memory, and sessions, beyond the limits of a shared Lumina-managed server.

For this option contact us at (650) 212 -1212 or [email protected].

How to use ACP to its full potential?

Additional details about ACP

Learn how to use ACP, get more detail on the various ACP subscriptions types, see security features as well as additional example models.


Try an ACP model

Here is an example of an ACP model. For more examples click here.

Please click the image below to load this example model.

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