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Past release archive

Archive of past Analytica installers and documentation.

Analytica 6.3 for Windows

64 Bit: AnaSetup6.3.exe

Analytica 4.6 for Windows

User Guides for Analytica 4.6

The Analytica 4.6 installer includes these manuals, but you can also download them individually.

AnalyticaTutorial.pdf The Analytica Tutorial
AnalyticaUsersGuide.pdf The Analytica User’s Guide
AnalyticaOptimizer.pdf The Analytica Optimizer Guide

ADE 6.3: Analytica Decision Engine

64 Bit: AdeSetup6.3.exe Installer for ADE 6.3 for Windows

ADE User Guide is online. You will need an ADE subscription to run it.

ADE 5.0: Analytica Decision Engine

32 Bit: AdeSetup5.0.exe Installer for ADE 5.0 for Windows
64 Bit: Ade64Setup5.0.exe Installer for ADE 5.0 for Windows
ADE User Guide is online. You will need an ADE 5 subscription to run it.

ADE 4.6: Analytica Decision Engine

32 Bit: AdeSetup4.6.exe Installer for ADE 4.6 for Windows64 Bit: Ade64Setup4.6.exe Installer for ADE 4.6 for Windows Includes the ADE Tutorial, Scripting Guide, and Developer Guide as PDF documents. You will need an ADE 4.6 or later license to run it.

User guides for ADE 4.6

The ADE 4.6 installer includes this manual, but you can also download it individually.

ADE Users Guide.pdf