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Marginal vs. Effective Tax Rates

Lonnie Chrisman 30 Jan 2012 News

Last week Presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his tax returns, and the news channels were abuzz with commentary about his effective federal tax rate of 13.9% on $21.7M of income.  I will refrain from my own commentary on his situation,...

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Publish to the cloud with ACP

Sean Salleh 20 Jan 2012 Analytica tips, News

ACP lets people collaborate via the web in building and using Analytica models. It lets you view and run a modelusing a web browser, with no software to download.  You can explore influence diagrams, change inputs, and view result...

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Analytica 4.4 is Live

Sean Salleh 20 Jan 2012 News

It's official, Analytica 4.4 is live! Analytica 4.4 is now available to everyone with current support. Analytica 4.4 offers a wide range of new features and fixes: Expression Assist helps you write definitions by suggesting variable names that match what you’ve typed...

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Introduction to Analytica

Sean Salleh 20 Jan 2012 Analytica tips, Analytics and OR, News, Risk and uncertainty


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Sean Salleh 12 Jan 2012 News

Welcome to the Lumina Blog

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