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Author: James Milford


James Milford

James Milford heads Lumina Consulting Services. James has more than fourteen years of experience using Analytica for energy and environmental modeling research and consulting. Most recently, James was Co-founder and Director of Technology at Lumidyne Consulting. Before that he was a Managing Consultant with Guidehouse's (formerly Navigant) Energy Practice. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, James led a multi-million-dollar project with six other National Labs and Lumina to build the Stochastic Energy Deployment System (SEDS), an Analytica model to help the US Department of Energy manage its portfolio of R&D projects and project their long-term effects on energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. James holds an MS in Engineering and Technology Management from the Colorado School of Mines and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.

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11/11/2022 | Analytica in the cloud, Blogs, Energy & power, Environment & climate

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