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Floating subscriptions

What is a floating subscription?

A floating Analytica license may be used by anyone in your organization, but only by one person at a time per floating license.  Users can also check out a floating license to use away from the network. When returning to the network, they must check the license back in to let others use the license. 

When should I get a floating subscription?

The price for a floating license subscription is about 2.5 times the price of the single-user license for the same edition. So if you have three or more Analytica users, it may save money to get a floating license — or several if you have many users. It also lets anyone in your organization start using Analytica without needing to buy a new license. 

How can I manage floating licenses?

You use Reprise License Manager (RLM) to manage floating licenses, running on your own private network. RLM enables your license manager or IT department manage all your organization’s licenses, single user or floating, from a single place. 

Here’s more about corporate licensing and details on how to set up an RLM server.