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September 2021

You asked for it and we heard you!  We asked Analytica users to tell us how better to support them. You voiced resounding enthusiasm for a user forum hosted by Lumina. So we are excited to announce the new Analytica user forum. You can ask and answer questions, share tips and models, or request enhancements to Analytica. It already has quite a few entries. Anyone can view it. You can sign up to ask questions or answer them. Check it out at


Lumina Decision Systems was recognized by CIO Applications as a Top Predictive Analytics Solutions Provider in 2021! They annually select 10 companies at the forefront of transforming business with their Predictive Analytics solutions. CIO Applications Magazine includes a 2 page interview with Lumina CEO, Max Henrion. They discuss how Analytica helps organizations bridge from data analytics to effective decision making. 


Suppose you embed a label in a definition, like

Popularity[Sport = ‘Football’]

If you want to translate from “English” into “American”, you might change the element in Sport from ‘Football’ to ‘Soccer’. But, then you’d need to change this definition (and all definitions that mention ‘Football’). Otherwise it would break because Analytica doesn’t update text values the way it automatically propagates changes to identifiers to Definitions that use them. To make your model more robust, you can create a “Football_Label” variable and reference that in the Sport_types index and the slicer variable above. Then when you change the value from ‘Football’ to ‘Soccer’, it will all still work as you’d like. For more, see using labels on the wiki.