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5.1 Release

“For the analytics in our FLIGHTMAP portfolio management platform, we have been relying on Analytica’s Decision Engine as a key component. The strength and versatility of the graphical modeling environment, combined with the robust high-speed computation engine make it as relevant for us today as it was in 2010 for FLIGHTMAP 1.0. In the latest 5.1 release, we see relevant improvements in multi-threading performance that translate into savings up to 50% for some of our user cases. In addition to the continued development of relevant features, we also value the continuously high level of support quality we get from the Lumina team. ”

– Jac Goorden – CTO, FLIGHTMAP

Ease of learning and use

“As a FORTRAN, Assembly languages and LISP Machine LISP programmer from the 1980’s, I can program anything in any language – given time to learn the language. Analytica was just so obvious and intuitive that I was spun up and on my own in less than an hour. ”

– Dr. Joseph Mitola III, Fellow of the IEEE

“The Analytica modeling platform is nothing short of genius. Its icon-based environment, Intelligent Arrays, integrated Monte Carlo analysis capability, structured optimization, and ease with which you can create graphical user interfaces make this the perfect tool for solving my client’s modeling needs. With Analytica, I can say “yes” far more often, since creating and modifying complex models is so easy. My clients are always impressed when they see a model we’ve built, and it definitely helps us stand apart from the competition.”

– Cory Welch, Director, Navigant, Boulder, CO

“My sincere congratulations for the development of a very fine program. I really like it. It is very easy to use when setting up models and especially in modifying them.”

– Naval Postgraduate School

“I think that your software is fantastic!! Very easy to use and not full of un-useful functions! I have reached so much success thanks to the ability of Analytica to transform the black box of the dynamics of a company into a transparent one, where the entrepreneur can see the big picture, perform ‘what if’ analysis, and make better decisions.”

– Dr. Michele Tavernini, Accountant, Milan, Italy

“Analytica has an exceptional tutorial, a very good user guide, and developed the user’s skill level to the point where models could be developed immediately.”

– Kenley Consulting

“Analytica is very easy to learn. … Once the software has been learned, it is delightful to use. The number of mouse-clicks and key strokes required to produce desired results is minimal, yet the process to follow is obvious.”

– Cox & Associates

“It didn’t take me long to learn.”

– David Gill, Aerospace Analyst, Boeing, Seal Beach, CA

Model clarity and influence diagrams

“Every time I get into using Analytica again, I enjoy it more. What’s so cool about Analytica is that the logic of your model is so clear.”

– Michael Wardell, Roseville Power, Roseville, CA

“Analytica is so much easier to use than spreadsheets. The brilliant thing is its influence diagrams. First you build a model graphically, and then fill in the details.”

– Pierre Richard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

“What you’re looking to do is understand not only the numerical results, but the relationships that generate the results.”

– Chris LeTocq, Dataquest

“After experiencing a live demonstration of Analytica, the CEO of a multibillion dollar polymer products company exclaimed, ‘I never truly understood the relationships between profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements until now.’”

– Rich Sonnenblick, Ph. D., Enrich Consulting, Campbell, California.

“We found Analytica’s influence diagrams were the most natural tool to express our ideas about model structure.”

– Eric Pan, MD., Center for Information Technology Leadership, Boston, Massachusetts

Comparison to spreadsheets

“In a competitive environment, you have to convince the CIO and CO that buying a product will have high profitability. Analytica allows us to operate in a problem-solving space that you wouldn’t be able to handle in a spreadsheet.”

– Carl Podlesny, Scientific Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

“Analytica makes an excellent replacement for a spreadsheet since models can be constructed directly from relationships without being constrained by the row and column paradigm of a spreadsheet.”

– David Neiger, Australian Engineer magazine

“A powerful forecasting and business-modeling package does what spreadsheets never could.”

– Inc. Technology Magazine

“Everything that’s wrong with the common PC spreadsheet is fixed in Analytica. ”

– PC Week

“A Better Spreadsheet: Twenty-five years after Excel, Lumina Decision Systems analytic tool is visual, powerful and flexible.”

– Line56

“Analytica cuts through the spreadsheet obfuscation by giving you a better way to create testable, working business models and simulations, from the simple to the complex.”

– Intelligent Enterprise

“I estimate that the time I spend writing Analytica models is one quarter to one half of that devoted to similarly complex spreadsheets. ”

– ORMS Today

Intelligent Arrays™

“Analytica is like a multidimensional spreadsheet, only much friendlier.”

– Robert Brown,Cybersecurity Risk Management Leader, Resilience, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“Going back to a spreadsheet feels like going from FORTRAN back to assembly language.”

– Peter Coffee, in PC Week.

“Development using other tools would have been a lot slower and provide less capability. The way Analytica handles multidimensional arrays is a huge advantage over spreadsheets. We are so pleased with Analytica that we’re recommending it for several other major projects at Bechtel SAIC.”

– Jim Nail, Project Leader, Bechtel SAIC, LLC, Nevada, USA.

Uncertainty, risk analysis and Monte Carlo

“Once clients see the effects of uncertainty on payback and profit illustrated graphically as Analytica models, they become much less intimidated by the data, and ultimately, more profitable decision makers.”

– Robert Brown, Cybersecurity Risk Management Leader, Resilience, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“The Last Word: If you have any professional responsibility for decisions involving money, buy Analytica and learn to use it. Once you understand Analytica modeling, you’ll see why common spreadsheet single-number predictions in business are so often useless and misleading.”

– Charles Seiter, MacWorld

“We also liked the way we could use probability distributions to be explicit about uncertainties. Analytica can flexibly display simple point estimates or entire probability density plots, according to the interest of the user.”

– Eric Pan, MD, Center for Information Technology Leadership, Boston, MA

“Within its chosen domain — uncertainty propagation through influence diagram models — Analytica is by far the easiest and best tool that we have seen. … Overall, the Monte-Carlo engine implementation appears to be very efficient, allowing results to be calculated quickly.”

– Tony Cox, Cox Associates, Boulder, CO

Decision analysis

“I can’t tell you how much my Analytica programming skills have helped me discover the bottom line in complex and highly technical decision processes, and to communicate how small decisions can yield big outcomes. Thanks for creating a superb set of tools in your Analytica products.”

– Dr. Joseph Mitola III, Fellow of the IEEE

“The best single decision-analysis program yet produced.”

– Charles Seiter, MacWorld magazine

“Analytica beats other decision analysis software packages we have used, hands down, as a general purpose decision-modeling tool.”

– Tony Cox, Cox and Associates

“Analytica is one of the best examples of an analytical tool with rich visual modeling capabilities, that is being used to build a wide range of decision-centric analytic applications.”

– Henry Morris, IDC