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Analytica user feedback

We greatly appreciate the many Analytica users who responded to our survey. Here’s a summary of the main results.

How much do you like these current features?

The most popular features are: 

Only a quarter said Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) was “Essential”, but we suspect that’s because many people haven’t yet tried it.

Full Results:

What areas would you like to see improved?

We are already working on:

  • A better library for csv/spreadsheets
  • Better Python integration
  • A library for easier database access
Full results:

Any other suggested improvements?

Here are the most common suggestions for improvements:

  • Easier to use with Python and R 
  • Analytica notebooks as an alternative to Jupyter notebook 
  • Add an easy way to do filters in a table 
  • Set default theme colors for influence diagrams for branding purposes 
  • Library to make it easier to read/write to/from Excel 
  • Template model files that work like template Office files 
  • Integration with databases and Google sheets would be very helpful 

Stand by for future announcements!  

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