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January 2020

Max Henrion presents at the SF Bay Area ACM on Feb 19th

Max will present his findings from a recently published article in ORMS magazine on: “Why most data analytics projects fail: How to engage with clients for success” Doors open at 630PM with the presentation starting at 7PM.

Reserve a seat at the meetup.

The Association of Computing Machinery is the world’s largest computing society, providing computer science conferences and publications. The SF Bay Area ACM holds two meetups a month on General Computing, Data Science and Deep Learning.

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Tips & Tricks: Prefer a larger initial node size?

Influence diagrams look clearer when most nodes are the same size. Nodes with long titles expand automatically to fit the text — but this can make them seem spuriously more important. If you find you have many nodes of different sizes, it’s a good idea to expand the default node size for the whole model. Then most of your nodes will work in the standard size.

To expand the default nodes size, show the diagram for your top-level model, and select* Set Diagram Style…* from the *Diagram* menu. Drag the black square handle for the default node — say to 148×48 pixels.

Click here for all the details.

Learn from articles featuring Analytica!

Hundreds of journal articles and other publications are based on research using Analytica. See a sample list below, many with links to the originals.

Read publications from a wide variety of areas:

Ecology, Emissions Policy Analysis, Energy, Environmental, Food Risk, Forecasting, Health and Epidemiology, Material Sciences, Natural Resource Management, Risk Analysis and Management, Wildlife and Forest Management.

Explore publications of interest.

Email us at to suggest your own or other articles for inclusion.

Lumina is hiring!!

Lumina is growing again! We are looking for a Senior Energy Consultant, Associate Analyst, and Software Developer.

For details see jobs at Lumina.