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Thanks for downloading.

Please check your email. You should receive the free version of Analytica which gives you the full functionality of Analytica to create and edit models with up to 101 variables and other objects. It lets you open larger models in ‘browse mode’ to review structure, change inputs, and view result graphs and tables.

To install

Save the executable that has been emailed to you and click on it to run the installer.

When the Analytica installer starts, you might see this screen:

UAC dialog when you launch Analytica

If the verified publisher is Lumina Decision Systems, simply press ‘Yes’.

When you see this screen, select Free edition as shown:

Screenshot of installer License Info pane where you should select Free edition.

After installing Analytica, you can launch it from the Windows Start menu.


  • Go through Tutorial. 
  • Learn and test-drive Analytica. Explore dozens of example models.
  • Create models with up to 101 variables and other objects. Each variable may be an array with up to millions of cells, so a model this size can be quite substantial.
  • Run existing models of any size. You can explore the model, change inputs, and compute results.
  • Use the Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) to publish your models to the web so others can view and run them without downloading any software. The free version includes 25 free ACP session credits.
  • Use it in a class to teach analytics and decision modeling. Analytica’s influence diagrams provide an intuitive visual way to learn how to structure complex problems.


Analytica free includes all features of the professional edition except:

  • You are limited to building and editing models with up to 101 user objects (not including functions and objects from standard libraries).
  • For a model with more than 101 objects, you are limited to browse-only mode. You can change inputs and (re)evaluate results, but you can’t make changes to the model itself.
  • A watermark, “Analytica Free Edition”, appears on diagrams, graphs, copied images, and printouts.
  • No integration with databases or OLE.

System requirements

  • Windows OS: Analytica runs on Microsoft Windows OS
  • RAM: We recommend at least 8GB RAM for larger models but Analytica runs fine with 1 GB RAM.
  • Hard disk: The Analytica installer is under 60MB. When installed, it takes up to 140MB on your hard disk, including the application, solver, example models and libraries.
  • Macintosh: Analytica does not run on Macintosh OS, but it does run using Parallels or VMWare to run Windows on the Mac.
  • Share your models on the web using the Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP). Others can run or review your models via a web browser without downloading any software. Even free users get 25 sessions, check it out!

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Buy or renew

You can purchase online, through [email protected] or by calling (650) 212- 1212.