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Green accountability and incentives: reflecting the social and economic cost of CO2 in new capital projects using Analytica with Robert Brown

Robert Brown is the Senior Strategic Analyst at Novelis Inc. the World leader in aluminum products, with significant market share in beverage can, automotive, aerospace, and specialties applications. Robert works on financial planning, risk analysis, and business case analysis. He is a decision science advisor, author, and experienced Analytica user. Novelis aims to become the leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminum solutions, working to move the industry and society towards a circular economy. Robert and team need to justify the impact of their dollars spent across a range of objectives, including product performance and profitability. In this presentation you will see how Novelis prices the economic cost of CO2 emissions. You will see a broad range of Analytica capabilities including influence diagrams to outline the conceptual framework, dynamic simulation to develop a proxy price distribution to burden CO2 production, and Monte Carlo to test uncertain tradeoffs among strategic alternatives.

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