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Analytica software top in user satisfaction on G2

We’re thrilled to announce that Analytica has achieved the highest satisfaction score in G2’s business process simulation (BPS) category! G2 is the leading software review platform, verifying that reviewers are actual users before counting their reviews as legitimate.

Business process simulation softwares enable businesses to map, simulate, and optimize their processes, enhancing efficiency. Unlike spreadsheets or whiteboards, these tools streamline effectiveness, testing what-if scenarios, and creating visual models.

How well did Analytica do?

Analytica ranked in user satisfaction more than 10% above second place vendor Siemens, although Siemens did score higher in Market Presence which considers primarily the volume of reviews.

Why is this important? 

BPS can be critically important, especially for larger organizations. For these task: 

Problem identification: BPS helps identify potential issues in processes before implementation, preventing costly mistakes.

Scenario analysis: It enables organizations to simulate various scenarios, aiding in preparedness and business continuity.

Change management: BPS tests significant changes like mergers or market expansions, aiding in risk management and smooth transitions.

Data-driven insights: BPS provides insights for making effective, strategically aligned decisions.

Predictive analysis: It allows predictive analysis of changes, crucial for strategic planning.

Stakeholder engagement: BPS enhances communication with stakeholders by visualizing decision outcomes, fostering transparency and trust.

Some G2 reviews

“Analytica is not only mighty and has built-in Monte Carlo (something essential), but it is also easy and visual and allows for grounding any conceptual model.”

– Jorge Muro Arbulu, Professor, Universidad del Pacífic

“Analytica is the best modeling software available”

 – Robert Brown, Cybersecurity Risk Management Leader, Resilience

Robert Brown

“Analytica boosts modeling productivity so you can arrive at insights more quickly.”

 – Eng Wee Ethan Yeo, Principal Architect, Technology Risk Management, Kaiser Permanente

Eng-Wee Ethan Yeo, Principal Architect, Technology Risk Management, Kaiser Permanente

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