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Helping consumers online choose a credit card

Ask Jeeves purchased Lumina’s consumer Advisor technology and licensed Analytica, on which the technology was based, to create the Jeeves Advisor.

The challenge

VISA’s member banks offer hundreds of different VISA credit and debit cards. Different cards offer different interest rates and fees, and options for balance transfer, bill payment, online management.

They provide a wide variety of reward programs, cash rebates, airline mileage, and more. A consumer’s eligibility for each color of card — classic, secured, gold, or platinum — depends on their creditworthiness.

How is the poor bewildered consumer to find the card that will best meet her individual needs?

Why Analytica?

Analytica’s visual modeling and intelligent arrays supported rapid development of the core intelligence of the consumer advisor, including selecting questions to ask users, scoring products according to consumer’s needs, and explaining recommendations.

The solution

The Jeeves Advisor has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers in make better-informed choices, at VISA, Nike, and other companies.

The VISA Card Advisor assists consumers and small businesses in choosing the most suitable card on the VISA website 24×7.

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