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Open-source models

Decision models can play a crucial role in helping stakeholders figure out what they agree about and what they don’t. Open-source models are available to anyone interested in downloading, reviewing, and running with different assumptions. Because Analytica models are more transparent than traditional spreadsheets or black-box simulations, participants can more easily understand the assumptions and their implications. Dig into a few existing models, that are available to download, in the case studies below. Click here for more open-source models.

Displaying indexes in balloon help

In a meeting today, Paul Sanford suggested that it would be nice if Analytica would show the indexes of a variable when you hover over its node. “I know how I can do that right ...


Marginal vs. effective tax rates

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his tax returns, and the news channels were abuzz with commentary about his effective federal tax rate of 13.9% on $21.7M of income.


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